Art Deco
"Art Deco for me except in its most crazed and attenuated forms, it's jut a matter of taste."
William Gibson


Once inside the gates, the visitor could sample the delights of Art Deco. Unlike the previous universal expositions, the 1925 exposition made no heavy intellectual or moral demands on the visitor. Peace and Progress, the twin themes of all the Parisian expositions universelles, might have been implicit in some of the individual works of art; but the fair itself was staged with the frank motive of re-establishing France as the arbiter of taste and fashion in the post-war world. In the past, said Lucien Dior, "French taste was law." The goal of this exposition was not to promote the well-being of the human race but to bring the aesthetic values of the human race back under the hegemony of Paris.

The 1925 Paris by Zere Askatova

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I have always dreamed of studying art, and painting, opening my own creative workshop, and creating handmade postcards like Emily Pose from the movie "Seven Lives". And now, while studying art history, I understand that there is a strict link between Art and Luxury.
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